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1 January 2004

US GOVERNMENT Enacts Sweeping New Anti-Spam Legislation
29 September 2003

EmailHeads.NET has added an "Enhanced" Email "Link Tracking" feature to our Marketing capability. This addition allows our clients to effectively manage the critical information necessary to know who your marketing strategy is reaching and how effectively it is reaching them. This new service is offered in addition to the Basic Text and HTML Email capability we have offered in the past.
Email Marketing is the most cost effective means of communicating your business message to a large yet targeted audience. Whether you are trade association communicating with your members or a company trying to reach your customers, we can help you effectively reach your intended audience in a less costly, more efficient and professional manner.
Our Managed DNS Service offers a comprehensive business solution which covers all aspects of the Internet's Domain Name System including registration, hosting and mangement.

Our Domain Name Registration System offers a cost effective alternative that is easy to use.
Emailheads.NET has an experienced staff able to assist companies with the implementation of Internet applications any many other Internet technologies.

From problem identification to resolution; from systems analysis to troubleshooting; from initial design to final implementation, let us help you leverage your needs against our experience to provide you with the best possible business solution.