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1 January 2004

US GOVERNMENT Enacts Sweeping New Anti-Spam Legislation
29 September 2003

EmailHeads.NET has added an "Enhanced" Email "Link Tracking" feature to our Marketing capability. This addition allows our clients to effectively manage the critical information necessary to know who your marketing strategy is reaching and how effectively it is reaching them. This new service is offered in addition to the Basic Text and HTML Email capability we have offered in the past.

EmailHeads.NET is committed to respecting the privacy of our customers, and to the privacy of recipients of our customers' mailing lists. To this end, we have established the following policy regarding personally identifiable information supplied by list owners, and email addresses on individual mailing lists . (Personally identifiable information is any information that is associated with your name or email address).

List Owner Information:
  1. Confidence. EmailHeads.NET will not sell your personally identifiable information to others.
  2. Security. EmailHeads.NET is committed to ensuring the security of your financial information. Credit card numbers are only used for processing payment and are not used for other purposes.
  3. Access & Accuracy. EmailHeads.NET strives to keep your personally identifiable information accurate. We are working to make it easier for you to review the information we store about you and enable you, if necessary, to update or correct it.
  4. Responding to complaints. We strive to ensure that lists hosted with EmailHeads.NET send only solicited e-mail. However, complaints may still occur. If we get a credible, complete complaint from a recipient regarding a list hosted with our service, we will give that recipient or their internet service provider, network administrator or upstream provider, contact information for the list owner. It is the list owner's responsibility to maintain accurate contact information, and to respond to recipients appropriately and in a timely fashion.
Mailing List Recipient Information:
  1. Confidence. EmailHeads.NET does not divulge email addresses or other information collected by mailing list owners. We never share lists among list owners, and we do not own or sell any lists. While list owners' privacy policies may vary, all list owners are bound by a strict "unsolicited email" policy as part of their PostMaster General License Agreement.
  2. Security. EmailHeads.NET provides list owners password-protected access to recipient information, with available SSL encryption, to thwart unauthorized access to mailing list information.
  3. Access & Accuracy. EmailHeads.NET requires that all messages sent with EmailHeads.NET include explicit removal instructions, including
  4. The mailing list ID from which the message was sent
  5. A method of removing the email address both via a web browser AND email.
  6. For more information regarding our privacy policies, please contact