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1 January 2004

US GOVERNMENT Enacts Sweeping New Anti-Spam Legislation
29 September 2003

EmailHeads.NET has added an "Enhanced" Email "Link Tracking" feature to our Marketing capability. This addition allows our clients to effectively manage the critical information necessary to know who your marketing strategy is reaching and how effectively it is reaching them. This new service is offered in addition to the Basic Text and HTML Email capability we have offered in the past.
Enforement of our Policies

We do not permit our system to be used to send unsolicited email. We enforce our unsolicited email policy vigorously, using several strategies:
  • We have a Standards and Practices staff of three full-time employees.
  • All messages sent with our system include identifying information about the customer (the mailing list ID) that sent the message as well as contact information for filing an unsolicited email complaint with the customer.
  • We track complaint rates for each list. We have stringent automatic suspension processes that allow us to suspend customers quickly upon proof of abuse.
  • We require customers to submit disclosure forms, which are reviewed by our Standards and Practices department prior to new account activation.
  • We have proprietary filters which automatically detect culled addresses upon import, and which automatically disable accounts when addresses appear to be culled.
  • We include our unsolicited email restrictions in our license agreement and impose fees for complaints received to discourage abusers from using our system. We explicitly warn of these restrictions during the signup process to prevent abusers from using our system to send unsolicited email.
  • We have a strong Acceptable Use Policy, which we actively enforce.
  • Our mail servers are located in the State of California, allowing us to leverage California's strict anti-spam laws providing for statutory damages to be assessed against abusers.
While we do our best to keep our system free from abuse, proactively educate our customers regarding best current practices, and act swiftly when abuse does occur, complaints do happen. We handle every complaint sent to us.

If users on your system complain about messages sent from our service, please forward the message in question with full headers and with the original recipient email address intact to:

This is an automatic processor that will register the complaint against the list and notify Standards and Practices staff. We will handle complaints in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy. Actions may include account suspension, imposition of fines, and account termination.

If you are responsible for a large network, we will be happy to set up a custom complaint channel for your users. When your users complain to you regarding unsolicited e-mail from any of our domains, you can forward the complaints to us and we will register the complaint against our customer. You may also specify an acceptable complaint threshold, and if that is reached, that customer will be automatically prohibited from sending any further mail into your domain. If you would like us to set up a custom complaint channel for your domain, please contact us at