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1 January 2004

US GOVERNMENT Enacts Sweeping New Anti-Spam Legislation
29 September 2003

EmailHeads.NET has added an "Enhanced" Email "Link Tracking" feature to our Marketing capability. This addition allows our clients to effectively manage the critical information necessary to know who your marketing strategy is reaching and how effectively it is reaching them. This new service is offered in addition to the Basic Text and HTML Email capability we have offered in the past.

The following discloses our permission-based marketing practices for the EmailHeads.NET. Please note that this policy in no way supersedes, replaces or complements the privacy policies of our clients.

If you have received unwanted, unsolicited email sent via the EmailHeads.NET system or purporting to be sent via EmailHeads.NET, please report it to:

Companies use EmailHeads.NET to send personalized communication to their prospects and customers. EmailHeads.NET expressly forbids the transmission of unsolicited commercial email and unsolicited bulk email. In order to enforce an anti-spam policy, we have the following definition for determining what constitutes "spamming":

SPAM is an unsolicited commercial email, or an email sent to a recipient who would not have a reasonable expectation of receiving email from the sender.

What is SPAM? What is not SPAM?
Any message sent to email addresses which were not provided by the recipient, including those collected from newsgroups, web sites, and domain registration information. Email sent by an organization with whom the recipient had previously established a relationship, PROVIDED THAT the sender provides a mechanism for recipients to remove themselves from the mailing list. This can include: · Product support updates · Organizational news updates · New related product offerings
Any email advertising illicit or illegal activities.

In the event that EmailHeads.NET receives complaints regarding unsolicited email from an EmailHeads.NET customer source, the customer will be required to supply the external source of their customer data.

EmailHeads.NET encourages companies to respect their customers’ time and attention by controlling the frequency of mailings to individual email addresses, as well as personalizing communication with information that indicates they have an existing relationship with their customers. (Most bulk lists contain only an email address.)

Regulations for List Owners
  1. License Agreement: Each mailing list administrator is required to agree to a license agreement which requires that all members of their mailing list must have established a relationship with the list owner.
  2. Mandatory Unsubscribe Instructions: All messages sent via EmailHeads.NET will include instructions for recipients to remove their email addresses from the mailing list from which the message was sent.
  3. Account Termination for Abusers: Reports of unsolicited email may result in the cancellation of a mailing list account without refund.

    As a list owner, you are fully responsible for any third party's adherence to our policies for lists which you obtain and use in our system. Any violation of our policies by third parties will be seen as violations by you, and will subject your account to disciplinary action, termination, and fees accordingly.